Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs, used in buildings provide a more comfortable home, are more energy efficient, and use construction materials that are more environmentally sustainable than traditional building construction. Thermocore of Missouri SIPs are custom fabricated in our facilities located in Jefferson City, Missouri. The panels can be used for roofs as well as walls.

Structured Insulation Panels for roofs and walls.Custom built creates less job-site waste and are easier and faster to erect than a traditional stick built structure. So, contractors will save time and money in building the structure.

Architects are not limited to only standardized designs. Your creativity is not limited in the SIP design. Thermocore of Missouri helps in incorporating your designs into the fabrication of the SIPs.

Is the project a commercial building? No problem. SIPs are just as useful and efficient for commercial buildings as they are for residential housing.

And, for the owner, you have a building that is comfortable, efficient, and affordable. A structure that is environmentally friendly. A structure that reflects your desires and is an investment that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment!

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Residential house built with Structured Insulation Panels.

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At Thermocore of Missouri we are committed to providing the most technologically advanced and environmentally-friendly paneling systems. We encourage you to continue to explore the benefits of using structural panels in your next project. Our team can customize pre-configured polyurethane panels to meet any job. We would be happy to talk with you about our product or send you literature at your request.