Looking for the most cost-effective insulated wall panel on the market? Thermocore of Missouri’s panels don’t require expensive custom window and door jambs. Just combine our insulated wall panel with 1/2-inch of drywall and add traditional building materials. No hassles. No special orders. And best of all, no dipping back into your wallet to finish the job.

To save you even more money and time, Thermocore of Missouri pre-installs electrical boxes and 3/4-inch conduit based on your architectural drawings. With no cutting or guessing at the job site, the electrician’s work is easier and less expensive.

SIP-Ends-End-ViewSIPS wall panels from Thermocore of Missouri

Thermocore of Missouri’s structural insulated wall panels also include the sill plate, top plate, and other 2-by material; corner nailers; header and post pockets; and door and window openings framed with 2×4 wood bucks. The computer-cut edges on insulated wall panels enhance the quality of trim and window work while eliminating shrinkage, nail pops, and warping of studs.

Looking for an even higher R-value? Choose Thermocore of Missouri’s 6 1/2-inch insulated wall panels with an R-value of 40. You still get the pre-installed electrical boxes and conduit, along with Thermocore of Missouri’s meticulous quality control.

Benefits of Thermocore’s Insulated Wall Panels

  • The only SIP that accommodates standard building materials
  • R-24 insulation value
  • Pre-installed electrical boxes and conduit