Timber Frames and SIPS make a natural match

Timber frames, whether they are personal residences or commercial buildings, are a unique combination of beauty, efficiency, and comfort. To really enhance the structure, timber framers love using structured insulated panels. Thermocore of Missouri’s structural insulated panels with their polyurethane foam core gives the highest R-value. The Class I rating is the most fire resistance, The built-in vapor barrier prohibits mold growth. And, SIPs are constructed with environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

Your customers get the beauty of timber framing with maximum energy savings and peace of mind about the durability and strength of their home. They get all this and money-saving features that keeps the building’s cost competitive with traditional construction.

Benefits of Using Thermocore of Missouri’s Structured Insulated Panel Systems for Timber Frames

In addition, Thermocore of Missouri custom manufactures structural insulated panels based on the specifics of your design, whether that’s complete timber frame or a hybrid. Get as creative as you want. Thermocore of Missouri takes your plans and develops a SIPS package specifically for your needs.Timber Frames with SIPS

Looking for added benefits? Thermocore of Missouri’s prefabricated SIPS eliminate waste at the work-site and go up faster to protect your structure.  Electrical boxes and conduit are already installed in the insulated wall and roof panels. So electrical work costs less and is installed quicker.

Choose Thermocore of Missouri’s four and 1/2 inch structural insulated wall panels to accommodate standard window and door jambs. And you’ll keep the price of your homes competitive with standard construction methods.


As a professional timber framer, you don’t take shortcuts on the design and framing of your homes. Why would you settle for less than maximum energy efficiency and the highest-quality enclosure?

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