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Using SIPS with Timber Frame Structures

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Whether your new home is a full timber frame or a hybrid, Thermocore of Missouri’s structural insulated panel system is the perfect enclosure system for you. The 4″ thick R-24 panel is custom manufactured to fit on your frame. Each panel comes complete with all of Thermocore of Missouri’s standard features including:

  • All boxes and conduit per your prints NOT a drilled chase
  • All window/door openings in place with 2x buck included
  • All corner nailers, sill plates and top plates included
  • The ability to work with standard window jambs, saving you significant dollars
  • Waste free production at our plant and on your job site
Timber Frame House
Timber Frame House

All of these unique features will save you money when it comes to the cost of finishing your new home. No longer will you be subject to up-charges from your electrician and window company for working with panels. Thermocore of Missouri panels offer you the highest R value per inch, the lowest install costs of any panel, and no up-charges from your subs. In addition, Thermocore of Missouri uses the industry’s Insulation Verification System (IVS). This unique system allows Thermocore of Missouri to see inside each panel after it is manufactured, verifying its energy efficiency before it leaves the plant. You will know with 100% confidence that your panels will perform to their fullest. We will put a stamp on it to prove it!

No other panel company offers this level of quality control. As a matter of fact, most other panel systems rely on trades to cut into your panels to make them functional. These trades have often never worked with panels and are not trained by the manufacturer. From design to install, your panels will be in the hands of Thermocore of Missouri professionals, assuring the best panel wrap for your timber frame.

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